About PROcreations

Dr. Tranto’s Story

Dr. Tranto “I felt privileged to wear professional lab coats after becoming a physician. These lab coats are a distinction earned through years of extensive education and training. As a resident physician, I was pleased to become pregnant, but soon I found that I could not button my lab coats. I tried moving up a size, but felt like I was swimming in the larger lab coats! I searched desperately for maternity lab coats that might conform to my rapidly expanding figure, but to my dismay, none existed. Thus was the conception of PROcreations, a line of medical apparel for professional women who expect more.” - Dr. Maria Tranto


Mission Statement

At PROcreations, we recognize the special needs of pregnant medical professionals and strive to offer high quality maternity lab coats so you can concentrate on your career, not your clothing.

Hand Made/High Quality/Made in USA

PROcreations maternity lab coats are hand made in Ohio from materials made in Missouri.